Skull and Shackles

I flew to close to the sun!

in which there is chicanery

To sum up:
Renold: squad sergeant (amazingly)
Quadiya: Life of the party
Bwanna: being sensible somewhere
Rathyn: frozen
Hanorkneez: running around with a frozen Rathyn

Knowledge gained:
secret doors
altar construct
guard signals
how to disable the deathtrap
it’s bigger on the inside!
there are literal tons of trade goods in there

Previous knowledge gained:
the altar construct attack priority is someone with a glowing golden vial
-it’s also made of stone and metal, probaly magically hardened like the walls
there are dogs and horses that know quadiya and renold
there’s a lead box somewhere in the transport
walking in circles does something interesting

known unknowns:
route information
what the vials might be, or how they’re being delivered

unknown unknowns:


blashimov blashimov

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