Appraise is necessary to accurately value an item, and can be used to note exceptional materials, craftmanship, and the like. Use appraise to size up a hoard without counting every coin, etc. it also allows one to identify magic items at a glance (DC 20) unless they’re specifically ordinary looking, etc. [Is not a background skill.]

unchained skills (2 bonus ranks per level that can only be spent on unchained skills):
lore (thing, race, one region, myths, anything)
profession (besides sailor)
handle animal
perform (unless you’re a bard because come on)

Most things are sold for ~70% of their base value.
Once per day for a community, one PC may attempt to sell specific plunder for a higher percentage of the base value with an appropriate skill check. This percentage is (result – 10)%. E.g. a result of 30 increases the sale price to 90%.

Items sell for up to +-20% of their price based on market suitability.

When not dealing with unique items, one PC may make a profession Merchant check to profit 1 gp per ton of cargo space times their check result divided by ten. So for example, a generic sailing ship with 150 tons of cargo space with a master merchant at +10 would make 300 gp per month – from which ship repairs, crew salaries, and other expenses would be deducted.

Mighty longbows cost just 100gp for any strength rating.

Guns are rare and expensive.
There are really only 3 kinds of guns:
and cannons
no gun can be reloaded faster than a swift action, not even with magic. Muskets start at a full round action, and rapid reload and alchemical cartridges can each reduce that action, down to move. PIstols start at standard action. Cannons take a crew. Loading a gun with a fixed bayonet increases the time by one step.


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