Skull and Shackles

It's a Pirates Life for Me
in which the party succeeds at something with nothing going wrong

Having delivered the cannons to Sargava, the party discusses their next target…

No...Please...I have a family...gurgle
In which the Party is a little bit Evil

After the illustrious Sandra Quinn fixes the frozen Rathyn, Zira as an agent of the so-called Devil of the Docks provides a few choice items to aid the party; namely an adamantine lucerne hammer and some scrolls of dancing lights. The party then manages to steal the route plans for the caravan. Coupled with their earlier infiltration, they slaughter no less than 8 of the guards and 2 dogs, leaving no survivors from those the engaged. Already flush with fresh loot, they now prepare to complete their heist…

I flew to close to the sun!
in which there is chicanery

To sum up:
Renold: squad sergeant (amazingly)
Quadiya: Life of the party
Bwanna: being sensible somewhere
Rathyn: frozen
Hanorkneez: running around with a frozen Rathyn

Knowledge gained:
secret doors
altar construct
guard signals
how to disable the deathtrap
it’s bigger on the inside!
there are literal tons of trade goods in there

Previous knowledge gained:
the altar construct attack priority is someone with a glowing golden vial
-it’s also made of stone and metal, probaly magically hardened like the walls
there are dogs and horses that know quadiya and renold
there’s a lead box somewhere in the transport
walking in circles does something interesting

known unknowns:
route information
what the vials might be, or how they’re being delivered

unknown unknowns:

No way this could go poorly...

Securing a meeting with the “Devil of the Docks” the party infiltrates a hush-hush caravan construction project in preparation for a later heist.

Well, that was anticlimactic

After Hankorneez is nearly eaten by a sea ooze, the ship sails surprisingly uneventfully through the arch of Aroden. A plot is hatched to lay the ground work for returning years later to steal the sun orchid elixir (or perhaps, the payment).

No, street urchins are poor

After looting the Cult of Desnans for the Liberation of Children from Murder Cults captives, successfully drawing out and slaying a deadly assassin, and then ransoming said captives, our intrepid crew makes off substantially richer (though without any urchins).

Won't someone think of the children?

The officers of the Spring Breeze, after paying a handsome 100 gp for good maps of ilizmagorti and the island, sail on to the city of Azir, where they hear tell of strange men in dark clothes snatching up street urchins. When local suspicions point towards some very conspicuous foreigners, the investigation turns into a near deadly fight. With one captive who claims his group were themselves there to rescue the children, it looks like it might be a bloody misunderstanding…

Proven Crew

The crew of the intrepid sloop Spring Breeze successfully delivers their cargo of House Umbertine arms and armor to Eleder, the capital of the former Chelish colony of Sargava. While unloading the goods, they discover a thief amongst the crew, who confesses to avoid punishment. Having sold their repaired fishing ship and given their crew some shore leave, they depart for Bloodcove, where they are given their next mission: get a shipment of bombards and guns from Alkenstar to Sargava while surviving the perils of a long sea voyage and perhaps the most terrifying thing of all: Chelish Customs.
2,000 gp successful delivery
1,090 gp fishing vessel sale
200 gp cargo run from Eleder to Bloodcove

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